How to Safely Explore Spring with Your Little One

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If you have a new little one, you may be dying to get outside. But first, there are lots of ways to go to perfectly fit you and your child. You can bike, hike, jog or walk. You can choose from backpacks, baby carriers, joggers and trailers.

But before you head out, you might make a wellness visit to your local chiropractor, too. Your chiropractor is fully trained and well-prepared to help you and your little one make the most of your spring.

Your chiropractor will talk with you about daily routines, medical history, and answer any questions that you have.

Using a spinal adjustment, he or she will check your spinal health and that of your little one to make sure there are no misalignments. When misalignments are corrected, any back, neck or sciatica pain may be eased. At the same time you may feel new energy and a better overall body balance. Later, if you need assistance with pain, strain or other tips, your chiropractor will be on hand to help.

The American Chiropractic Association has some safety tips:

  • Choose a front side carrier instead of a backpack for children less than a year old, because the cervical spine of an infant is not fully developed and the head needs to be protected from bobbing around.
  • Parents need to be in shape before using backpack or front-side carriers that can affect balance when walking or hiking.
  • Choose wide backpack straps for shoulders and waist  to distribute the weight. Center the straps over the collarbone.
  • Check the child’s clothes to avoid bunching and creating painful pressure while in the carrier.
  • For baby slings, watch the temperature and make sure the baby has room to breathe. Switch sides as you use the sling. Never use a sling or backpack when running. Use a jogging stroller to protect the infant’s head and spine.

Throughout your travels remember to lift safely. Move closely to the baby and bend from the knees and hips keeping your back straight.

Start out slowly with your time outdoors, remembering to use hats and sunscreens, stay hydrated, and take lots of breaks.  As you and your child develop regular routines you can expand your travels as you move on into summer.

The Joint Can Help

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