Tips for Losing the Freshman 15

If this is your first semester of college, you may have noticed that your pants are fitting a little snug. On average, a person gains 15 pounds during their very first year of college. There are a lot of reasons for this…sudden freedom, more food choices, and less mandatory physical activity among the many. Of […]

Cold, Flu, or Winter Allergies?

Colds, flu and winter allergies can have similar symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose what’s making you – or your spouse or kids – feel unwell. But mistaking the source of your illness can delay getting you the right treatment, which can be dangerous or even deadly. This was sadly demonstrated by the recent death […]

Tips for Quitting Your Tobacco Habit for Good

If you watch any old television or movies, you’ll probably see cigarettes being smoked freely, and in some instances even advertised by the actors themselves. Once upon a time, we didn’t really know just how bad tobacco products really were for our bodies. In today’s world, however, there is no excuse for using tobacco. We […]

How to Fight Off Sugar Cravings

  Sugar is so, so, so good. It’s rare to find someone that genuinely doesn’t care for this sweet treat in many forms. Cupcakes, pies, ice cream…it’s all delicious. The problem comes when we eat a bunch of the good stuff. Even though it tastes delicious, it definitely isn’t the healthiest food on the planet. […]