Easy Ways to Create a Healthy Happy Home

  Sometimes that image of the happy home that we all want gets a little shaky with today’s fast pace and countless demands that seem to stream through 24-7. Family rooms seem to collect items from every member of the household and they all wind up stacked on the coffee table. Electronic gadgets just seem […]

Are You Living the Minimalist Lifestyle ?

  The question of keeping possessions, versus trimming them back, as you go, is a provocative one in my family. My mother saved everything, and when she died she had a home filled with treasures to speak for her efforts. My son saves only what functions perfectly, or is rare and valuable. He lives in […]

Fresh Fun Ways To Recycle Old Clothes

  I grew up in a small town and watched my mother turn one thing after another into something new. She understood recycling before it became a household word. Old towels, shirts, skirts, pants and tablecloths all went on to become great cleaning rags, fresh new pillows and quilts, or soft new bedding for my […]

3 Sustainable And Healthy Food Substitutes

Out with the old, and in with the new! That should be the mantra for some current food trends that are clearly here to stay. As we work toward living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, we’ve started to make some healthy changes to our dietary and eating habits. Read on to find out about some […]

Decluttering in a Week or Less

I hate clutter. HATE IT. Seriously, I can’t stand piles of old papers or magazines, dusty wires that go to unused DVD players, random remote controls, socks that don’t have a match, or a zillion half-empty bottles of expired lotion and perfume. It drives me nuts and makes me super anxious all at the same […]

How to Detoxify Your Home

I happen to think that it’s pretty easy to fall into a “house rut”- cleaning pretty regularly, but never really doing anything out of the ordinary. You wash, fold, and put away the clothes that you wear on a regular basis, but you never go through the ones that you don’t, and they sort of […]

Two Big Box Stores Pledge Allegiance To The Bee

Bees are very important for our Earth, as their pollination duties help to move our environmental health right along and keep our ecosystem functioning properly. But after weird cases of Colony Collapse Disorder started popping up nationwide in increasing numbers, there appeared to be dire circumstances heading bees’– and by default, our environment’s– way. Finally, […]