Chiropractic Tip: Move More to Spark Thoughts and Feelings

picture of two bikersLiving in a busy world exposes us to all sorts of healthy advice. One area we sometimes overlook is how much we can do for our lives if we move more: Walking, running, biking or jogging.

Scientists are now telling us the brain and body actually form a healthy circle in which each stimulates the other.

As an example, taking a short walk after a demanding meeting can drain away the stress, helping clear your head and regain your balance. If you make movement a bigger part of your day, you could be getting this kind of positive support where you need it most.

Another area that is becoming more prominent in our culture focuses on our chiropractors, who offer complete wellness centers perfectly attuned to today’s demands. According to the American Chiropractic Association, the majority of Americans are now making chiropractic their first choice as they look for natural ways to find pain relief and achieve wellness, choosing to avoid prescription painkiller medication and the risks and cost of surgery.

That leads to the obvious question: Why not link the power of healthy exercise and chiropractic oversight together?

How That Could Work

You might want to use healthy exercise to let go of stress and anxiety as you make your way through the day’s demands.

Regular walks, or a run after work, could make an amazing difference in how you handle a busy day. Suddenly, everything seems easier and less tiring. Later, when you spend the evening with your family you might feel more relaxed tells us regular aerobic exercise helps us handle tension, reducing anxiety by lowering the power of our “fight or flight” reactions. Biking and aerobics, resistance, flexibility, and balance exercises can reduce the power of depressed thoughts. Researcher findings say exercise can be as effective as medication or therapy to make us feel relaxed and happier. Their research suggests a brain protein called BDNF, which helps nerve fibers grow, may be produced with regular exercise.

Stop by your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic, to back up your exercise plans with some hands-on health and wellness. 

As the first step, your chiropractor will use a spinal adjustment to assess the health of your spine, and realign any misalignments, known as subluxations. Once the spine is aligned, you may experience less neck, back or sciatica pain, and you may feel more energetic. The spine is the key to your central nervous system, so it is not surprising, the healthier it is the better you feel.

Then you may want to think about weekly 15-minute sessions with your chiropractor. You can keep your spine in perfect health and sort out any minor twinges from your exercising as they show up.

The Joint Can Help

If you would like to get started, stop by The Joint and find out how simple it is.  The Joint has eliminated the hassle of insurance and fixed appointments, providing an affordable healthcare plan and flexible weekday, weekend and evening hours. Stop by and find out more.


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