Grandma’s Beauty Tips

If you want to be beautiful, don’t turn to plastic surgery, just ask grandma how to stay lovely. Grandma didn’t have access to collagen injections and chemical peels when she was growing up, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a beauty regimen. Women have shared hints on how to stay young and beautiful since the first woman looked at her reflection outside of her cave thousands of years ago and thought to herself, “I can do better.”

Since then, beauty has become a passion for women. We curl, straighten, cut or grow our hair according to the fashion of the time. We pluck, shave, exfoliate and paint to draw attention to the parts we want noticed and to draw the eye away from the parts we don’t. Cosmetics have been around for thousands of years; they’re even mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. In the 3,000 years since, a lot of beauty advice has come and gone, but healthy tips for looking lovely have stayed relatively the same for decades. Here are some grandma-approved tips on how to stay pretty without chemicals or surgery:

  1. Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Good advice, as over plucking and waxing can cause microscopic scarring, which may prevent new hair from being able to grow. I wonder if this is why you see so many older women with drawn on eyebrows.
  2. Remove your makeup every night. The impurities in your makeup can lead to blemishes and soiled pillowcases. Wash and moisturize your face before going to sleep and your complexion will thank you.
  3. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is one of the best things that you can do for your skin. It will keep your skin dewy and balanced.
  4. Rub fruit on your face to get rid of acne. Pineapple and papaya contain enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells, raw potatoes can also draw out skin impurities, when used regularly.
  5. Wear sunscreen every day. Even if you skip putting on makeup one day, you shouldn’t pass on sunscreen, especially if you have a light complexion.
  6. You are what you eat. Eating a balanced diet will keep you looking your best. Crash dieting or yo-yo dieting is not only hard on your internal organs; it can reduce the elasticity of your skin, resulting in premature wrinkling.

While oils and potions, creams and lubricants may change names and ingredients, the main tenets of beauty are the same today as they have been for centuries. Take care of your body, get enough sleep (they don’t call it “beauty rest” for nothing) and eat right. Try to stay close to your ideal weight, as gaining and losing can wreak havoc on your skin. Treat your body like it’s a temple if you want it to be worshiped.

We may have a few more weapons in our beauty arsenal than grandma did, but healthy beauty tips haven’t changed very much. Taking care of yourself by having regular physicals with your doctor and adjustments with your chiropractor will keep you healthy and active, which in turn will result in a stronger and more beautiful body for years to come.

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