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At The Joint, there are no appointments and no hidden fees. As your local chiropractor Houston, we’re at Bunker Hill (9778 Katy Frwy, Ste. 325), providing affordable chiropractic services every day. Be sure to stop in and find out how The Joint is making it easier than ever to put your chiropractic health first. Whether you’re suffering from whiplash, a sports injury or need a general chiropractic adjustment, we can help.

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A picture of Dr. Clinton Kinsey, D.C. from The Joint Bunker Hill in Houston, TXDr. Clinton N. Kinsey is originally from Houston and is a third generation Chiropractor. He attended the University of Houston and earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. While at the University of Houston he was an active member of the psychology national honor’s society.

After his undergraduate studies, Dr. Kinsey continued his post-graduate education at the prestigious Texas Chiropractic College and earned a second Bachelors of Science degree in Human Biology, as well as his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Kinsey has 17 years of experience providing chiropractic care to thousands of patients.

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