Why Chiropractic Care is Good for a Healthy Body

You may have heard of chiropractic care before. In fact, most people have probably heard of this slightly alternative form of healthcare at this point. It is growing in popularity, and for good reason. The benefits that come with care are many, and more people are finding comfort in the practice. While most of you […]

How to Cut Cholesterol with Every Bite

Today’s chiropractic world offers you a wellness center with the overall mission of making the most of your health. It begins with spinal health with hands-on spinal adjustments, and keeps right on going, covering a wealth of tips on cholesterol, exercise, and stress reduction. In your annual checkups you may have discussed cholesterol with your […]

Cluster Headaches: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Pulling together every ounce of strength isn’t enough to just “will away” a cluster headache. At least, that’s the narrative you get from those who suffer the recurring symptoms of this painful condition. The term applies to headaches with episodes that afflict the victim several times a day over a period of time from two […]

Is Technology Ruining Your Posture?

I’m sure we’ve all been told at some point or another that we should focus on improving our posture. Once you begin to understand the many detrimental effects that poor posture can bring upon your health, from poor sleep to weight gain, it’s not hard to see why. Having good posture goes far beyond merely […]