Why Chiropractic Care is Good for a Healthy Body

You may have heard of chiropractic care before. In fact, most people have probably heard of this slightly alternative form of healthcare at this point. It is growing in popularity, and for good reason. The benefits that come with care are many, and more people are finding comfort in the practice. While most of you […]

What You Don’t Know About Subluxtions

Were you surprised at the assessment done for subluxations at your first chiropractic appointment? Many people are usually floored to see how many misalignments they actually have in their spine and how they never even knew it. Here’s what you should know about subluxations and how chiropractors help you straighten out. What is a Subluxation? […]

Cluster Headaches: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Pulling together every ounce of strength isn’t enough to just “will away” a cluster headache. At least, that’s the narrative you get from those who suffer the recurring symptoms of this painful condition. The term applies to headaches with episodes that afflict the victim several times a day over a period of time from two […]

7 Beauty Myths You Can Brush Off

  As women, we sometimes stick religiously to our beauty routines for fear that straying from them will cause us to breakout, look drab, or damage our looks.  Some of the health and beauty advice that has been handed down from our great grandmothers to us may not even be all that valid.  Look over […]

Can Chiropractic Care Help Cancer Patients?

Going through cancer and cancer treatments is very hard physically, emotionally, and mentally. The current treatments for cancer are very aggressive and can leave cancer patients feeling worn out and hopeless. Chiropractic care cannot cure cancer, but it can help reduce pain and possibly improve quality of life. Cancer and Chiropractic Care Testimonials An article […]

Social Media May Actually Decrease Stress

It’s become the accepted wisdom that more internet use leads to more stress, especially when it comes to social media. It’s hard to see a Facebook wall full of flattering photographs and boasting statements and not feel a little “compare and despair” when you see your friends and associates seemingly enjoying life much more than […]