Feeling Bubbly: Carbonated Water and You

First things first: Anybody who tells you soda is good for you doesn’t know their soft drinks from a hole in the ground. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking sugar-free soda or decaffeinated. So what about carbonated water? Certainly that has to have less of an impact. How valid are these claims that carbonation increases calcium loss […]

How to Cut Cholesterol with Every Bite

Today’s chiropractic world offers you a wellness center with the overall mission of making the most of your health. It begins with spinal health with hands-on spinal adjustments, and keeps right on going, covering a wealth of tips on cholesterol, exercise, and stress reduction. In your annual checkups you may have discussed cholesterol with your […]

How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is rapidly becoming one of the most significant health issues and concerns in our nation, to the point where chances are extremely high that anyone reading this post has up to a one in three chance of knowing somebody who has been affected by either diabetes, pre diabetes, or metabolic syndrome. When you really […]

Be Careful! These Exercises Can Do Major Harm

There is no doubt about it; exercise is good for you. However, exercise safety is something that is not emphasized enough. Just because you watch the right way to do an exercise move on Youtube, does not necessarily mean that you will do the movement right. Furthermore, even professional athletes or exercisers with personal trainers […]

Simple Solutions for Neck Stiffness

Have you ever woken up with one of those cricks that just won’t go away? A stiff neck can really get in the way of life. It suddenly becomes harder to do anything. Exercise? It hurts. Drive? It hurts. Even simple walking? Yep, it hurts. Luckily, there are some simple solutions to neck stiffness that […]

The Painful Truth About Toning Shoes

A few years ago, a few shoe companies came out with the brilliant idea of toning shoes. The goal of these shoes was to tone your legs and buttocks through regular wear. The companies even made weight loss claims and said that wearing their toning shoes increased results from exercise. Sound too good to be […]

5 Nutritional Perks of Pumpkins

Pumpkins might be the most common symbol for Fall, and are a staple for both holiday cooking and decoration this time of year. What you might not know is that pumpkins are packed with tons of nutritional benefits, and are chock full of all kinds of good stuff for the body. As a member of […]

Healthy Foods That Naturally Detox

In today’s world, you have probably heard about the miracle of detox diets. Whether these are actually a miracle or not, remains to be seen. Detoxing, however, is definitely good for the body. There are multiple ways to detox the body and get clean. Juice cleanse. The lemonade diet. While all of these probably have […]